INDESEM '19 Beyond the echo chamber 10.04 - 17.04 more information coming soon
about International Design Seminar, shortly INDESEM, is held every two years at the faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft, the Netherlands. It consists of a workshop, during a week for 80 international students, combined with lectures, excursions, exhibitions, debates, documentaries and more. INDESEM was organzed for the first time in 1962 by a group of students (Wiek Röling among others) directly cohnected to STYLOS. That first edition Jaap Bakema helped the students out with the organization and the members of TEAM X were invited to be tutors in the workshop. In 1986 the workshop was reinitiated by Herman Hertzberger and an independent group of students.
Since its founding in 1962, INDESEM has had the honor of hosting internationally acclaimed architects and theorists, such as Aldo van Eyck, Adriaan Geuze, Jean Nouvel, Rem Koolhaas, Michael Speaks and Ben van Berkel. In the past, Indesem was supervised by Wiek Röling, Herman Hertzberger and Winy Maas. Every edition students from all over the world will tackle the important current issues that have influence on our profession. The fundamental idea of the seminar is to create an environment where students and professionals can debate about the position of an architect. The outcome can contribute to the current architectural discussion.
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